OneFigure by Samuel Levi is designed to be easy.

OneFigure Beauty have you covered with how to maximise and use your latest Magnetic Lashes, and Liner. Follow these easy steps below.

OneFigure Beauty also understand that many of our beautiful customers like to trim and cut their lashes to suit their individual style and length. Should you wish to trim your lashes, please ensure you just leave a magnet on each edge, to allow this to attach to our revolutionary liners. 


Start by lining your upper lash line with your magnetic liner. You can apply it just as you would a normal liquid eyeliner, using short, feathered strokes to create a precise line—you can even wing it out if you’d like. Just make sure the line is thick enough to serve as a solid base for your magnetic lashes to adhere to while being as close to your lash line as possible. Give your eyeliner enough time to dry, we recommend 60-90 seconds, before applying one last coat.



Pick up your magnetic lashes—it’s time to apply them! First, take your magnetic lash strip and gently bend it to help it better form to the shape of your eye. Hold the lash strip near your lash line to make sure it’s the same length as your lid. Trim only if needed. All that’s left to do is line your magnetic lash up with your lash line and place it on top of the magnetic eyeliner, allowing the magnetism to work its magic for instantly long, voluminous lashes!

We highly recommend using our Lash Applicator, which you can purchase here. Using this allows an easier plus faster process, as well as this, being a more safe and hygienic way to apply.

BOOM! HELLO BEAUTIFUL. Now time to complete your makeup look

*These instructions are how you apply the Magnetic Liquid and Gel Liner.