PRODUCT ALERT: Crystal Clear Liner Now Available


Easy-on, easy-off reusable Magnetic Eyelashes using Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner. There is no need to stress. We make it simple and super easy for you.

The TOP 6 REASONS why OneFigure Beauty Magnetic Eyelashes should be your next purchase.

  1. More hygienic & reusable
  2. Easy steps to apply.
  3. No glue. No sticking. No mess.
  4. Cost-effective. We love allowing you at home to save money
  5. Variety of ranges to choose from with 4 unique looks. 
  6. Cruelty-free & completely safe.

OneFigure by Samuel Levi will revolutionise your beauty regime with its quick and easy application and being reusable it's kinder on the environment and your bank balance too!
Beauticians closed? Lashes falling out? We have you covered, If you're looking to enhance your beauty within, whether it be a more formal occasion or catching up with friends online, OneFigure by Samuel Levi has got you covered. 

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