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Celebrity Makeup artist, & expert SARAH COLLINS, talks OneFigure Beauty's Magnetic Lashes.

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Expert Sarah Collins share her TOP 5 TIPS, on why OneFigure Beauty Magnetic Lashes are her go-to product when creating the perfect makeup look. No Glue. No Mess. Simple. 

The Hive Beauty Bar Founder & Director has a range of current and previous high profile clients, including some of Australia's most familiar faces: Home and Away star and Radio Host Christie Hayes, Disney Channel's very own TV presenter Candice DixonHeather MaltmanMel Greig, and American Actress, The Bold & The Beautiful star Rena Sofer, plus many more.

Sarah's TOP 5 TIPS for wearing OneFigure Beauty's Magnetic Eyelashes.

  1. Trim your lashes to fit your unique eye shape/length.

Measure your lashes against your eye, so they look and feel comfortable.  Carefully holding the lash band, use sharp lash scissors to trim the lashes from the outer (one lash at a time) making sure you have a magnet at each end of the lash for maximum hold. Then you are good to go!

  1. The end of the lash you trimmed off, KEEP!

You can layer this mini lash onto the outer lashes for an added dramatic 'WOW' effect as long as it has a magnet attached and your liner is a little thicker at the end.

  1. Reusable and no sticky, messy glue required.

If you dread the thought of applying lashes with sticky, messy glue that irritates and can even damage your natural lashes, or are allergic to latex (like me), you can wear these lashes with no fuss or worry at all. If cared for properly, they can be reused again and again saving time, effort and money.

  1. Try more than one style from the range.

It's a great idea to have a few pairs of magnetic lashes so you can style and interchange them. Now is the perfect time to have a play and try these babies out!

  1. Elevate any look with Magnetic Lashes.

Pop on a layer of Mascara first – this isn't essential; however, I like to do this first so that my lashes blend in nicely with the magnetic ones. Then elevate your look with the style of One Figure Magnetic Lashes of your choosing. I love the Regina Lash and Poppy Lash (Featured below).

OneFigure Beauty's Magnetic Lashes are super easy wearing, no mess, no fuss and reusable—my go-to for myself and now my clients alike. The founder Samuel Levi has done an incredible job. Even better, they are a total dream when it comes to lash application. It amazed me the way the lashes hold onto the magnetic eyeliner.

There are also options with different Magnetic Liners which is a huge plus. A Gel or Liquid Liner, ensuring comfortability for the user, depending on what you prefer. The bonus and unique Magnetic Lash Applicator is also very easy to use and navigate. I love how the lashes gently come off when needed, without tearing or pulling off your natural lashes—a must-have for every beauty kit.


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