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Following on from his current success and media attention, Samuel is confident and inspired as he follows his passion and launches Australasia’s newest beauty range, ‘OneFigure Beauty by Samuel Levi’


Where did this passion to create a beauty range begin?

Samuel says, “I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion to be exact. It has been something of interest and a big passion of mine growing up, and the industry I become involved in over the past 5-6years has also had an impact on where I am going.

The EYES are always one of the first features I see and notice when meeting someone for the first time, so my goal to create something visually stunning as well as easy and accessible whilst also making sure it is unique and different.”

“I am all about enhancing a person’s true beauty rather than defining it!”

Tell us how the range came about and why these products were chosen?

Samuel says, “Easy-on, easy-off reusable Magnetic Eyelashes using Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner. A lifesaver in today’s world! I always wanted to create a range, and a beauty one to be exact. Not so much the everyday go-to makeup essentials but something different that everyone can afford, relate to, and have some excitement about. I have ladies, and (men) today who have never used MAGNETIC EYELASHES & LINER and get so excited about trying something totally new to them.

I also wanted to create something, that wasn’t used with glue, creates no mess, and is just SIMPLE. We have four unique and stunning looks and variety in the range/collection. Each being named after your inner personality. We have the Poppy, Chloe, Regina, and Cruella Lash.

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