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Who's Behind OneFigure Beauty?

Known for his ability to inspire self-love and confidence in others, Samuel is renowned for his voice as an outspoken advocate. Samuel shares the message to be confident within the skin you’re in.


Samuel Levi is a media personality and leading fashion influencer who is best known for his appearance on New Zealand’s second season of Married at First Sight in 2018.
Straddling two continents, Levi is no stranger to the airwaves in Australia, currently hosting his own radio show ‘Waking Up with Samuel Levi’ in Melbourne. He previously gained recognition as the face of Channel V Australia and presented a fashion-based radio show in Auckland, New Zealand.
Having graced numerous Fashion Week runways around the world, Levi’s rise to prominence came at the tender age of 24 when he was named New Zealand Fashion Influencer of the Year and launched his first limited edition watch collection. That year he also teamed up with global pop sensation Parson James, leading the highly acclaimed #HoldTight campaign throughout Pride 2017.
The OneFigure beauty range is Levi’s first flirtation with the predominantly female-driven beauty industry in Australasia.
OneFigure by Samuel Levi doesn’t believe in labels or stereotypes characterizing your place in the world. On the contrary, inclusivity and self-expression are at the heart of Australasia’s newest beauty label.
Adamant about introducing a brand that enhances a person’s true beauty rather than defining it, founder Samuel Levi believes authenticity, with a touch of glamour, is the recipe for success.

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